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Onboarding New Team Members

This course is designed to help leaders successfully onboard new employees and begin immediately re-recruiting them.

Overtime Management

This course will teach healthcare leaders how to manage overtime in their areas.

Preparing for and Conducting Interviews

This course is designed to help you prepare for and conduct interviews for potential new hires in your organization.


In this course, leaders will learn how to effectively manage staff productivity.

Recognition: A Tactic to Drive Team Performance

In this course, learn leading practices to turn recognition from a “nice to have” tactic to an essential skill to…

Setting and Aligning Goals

This course is designed to help you gain skill in crafting and achieving your departmental goals.

So Now I’m a Leader: The First 90 Days

This course is designed to give new leaders the tools and tactics required to successfully lead in their first 90…

Time Management

This course is designed to help you prioritize tasks to best utilize your time.

Using Peer Interview Teams

In this course, you will learn about peer interview teams, an integral part of evidence-based employee selection.

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Problem-Solve

In this course, you’ll learn how to use appreciative inquiry to find positive solutions to problems.  

Using Stories to Communicate Effectively

This course is designed to help you communicate effectively through the use of storytelling.